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  • MVP Plus V-Blade Series Snowplow

    Western's MVP is known for productivity and reliability. Now we've increased performance and taken it to the next level with the all-new MVP Plus. This new v-plow is available in steel or poly in three sizes (7'6", 8'6", and 9'6").

  • Western Heavy Weight

    Bigger is Better! Here’s to matching the equipment to the job! With the largest blade available from WESTERN®, the 10’ wide HEAVYWEIGHT snow plow is made for trucks in the 14,000-27,000 GVW range. You can count on these plows for light municipal plowing applications like local streets, parks, county roads, parking lots and more.

  • Western HTS Snow Plow 7'6"

    Put Your Half-Ton to Work

    For personal and light commercial applications. You’ve got a half-ton pick-up. The WESTERN® HTS™ is a full-size, full-featured snow plow designed for today’s lighter half-ton, four-wheel-drive trucks.  


  • Western Mid Weight Snow Plow 7'6"

    Built for Light Commercial Use When winter’s coming on strong, you need a plow that’s going to give you some real pushback. The WESTERN® MIDWEIGHT™ snow plow is lean, nimble and provides plenty of muscle. Big performance for light commercial use.

  • Western MVP Plus Snow Plow 7'6", 8'6" and 9'6"

    Push More Snow in Less Time When it’s 5:00 a.m. and you’ve still got three more lots to plow, you’ll appreciate the speed and efficiency of an MVP PLUS™.  Available in Poly and Steel construction.

  • Western MVP3 Snow Plow 7'6", 8'6" and 9'6"

    A New Generation in V-Plow Performance

    The MVP 3™ provides a whole new slant in V-plow performance and durability.  From the flared blade design and the standard UltraLock double-acting cylinders, to the patented trip edge design, the MVP 3 provides all the performance features you need for unmatched V-plow productivity.


  • Western Pile Driver Containment Plow

    Containment Plows Worthy of the WESTERN® Name

    For the really big jobs, Western Products offers a full line of heavy-duty containment plows designed to move maximum yards of snow in minimal time.  The WESTERN® PILE DRIVER™ containment plow attaches quickly and easily to your Skid-Steer, Backhoe, or Wheel Loader.


  • Western Pro Plow Series 2 Snow Plow 7'6" and 8'

    When it comes to your business, taking care of the customers is what it’s all about. Designed for the pros, the WESTERN® PRO-PLOW® has been one of the best-selling straight-blade models for snow plow contractors since its introduction. When they’re counting on you, you can count on the PRO-PLOW.

  • Western Pro Plus and Prodigy Skid Steer Plows

    CONTRACTOR GRADE® Performance When the Job Demands a Skid-Steer The WESTERN® PRO PLUS® and new PRODIGY™ snow plows are available with a universal skid-steer loader mounting plate for fast and easy hook-up. The skid-steer’s standard auxiliary hydraulic system provides the power to operate the blade.

  • Western Pro Plus Straight Blade Snowplow 7'6", 8', 8'6", and 9'

    Since it's introduction, the PRO PLUS has been a best seller for Western, and contractors continue to be impressed with its strength and versatility. Designed for heavey-duity commercial and municipal applications, the 7'6", 8', 8'6", and 9' PRO PLUS line fits a wide range of vehicles from 3/4 ton to F-550 size trucks.

  • Western Prodigy Multi Position Wing Plow

    Multi-Position Winged Plow Productivity

    Easy to Operate as a Straight-Blade

    The all-new PRODIGY™ snow plow features an ingenious patented mechanical wing design that automatically positions its wings to deliver maximum plowing efficiency.  Whether in straight-ahead scoop mode or angled for windrowing, it delivers multi-position winged plow productivity in a plow that’s as easy to operate as a straight blade. It’s available for trucks or skid-steer loaders. 


  • Western Suburbanite Snow Plow 6'8" and 7'4"


     The WESTERN® Suburbanite™ snow plow is SUV and compact pick-up ready. Now you can conquer the drifts in your driveway from the comfort of a warm vehicle with the plow that’s as easy to attach to your vehicle as it is to use. Now that’s independence!



  • Western Wide Out 810

    Get an 8’ blade, a 10’ blade, an 8’10” scoop/pusher blade or a windrowing machine all at the touch of a button. The WESTERN® WIDE-OUT™ adjustable-wing snow plow hydraulically transforms to move more snow, no matter what the condition. Up to 30% more. It’s the ultimate in Contractor Grade performance.

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